On Sep 1st the MS STUBNITZ will be docked for class renewal in the Norderwerft - a costly affair, which the non-profit association cannot manage alone. A significant deposit, required before the dry dock, will be financed through a short-term loan. The crew hopes that a broad stakeholder community is prepared to make a financial contribution to the conservation of this cultural venue. Through a class renewal in 2014, the operating license of MS STUBNITZ will be maintained for another 5 years. The inspections must be carried out in the dry dock. They include inspections of propellers, rudders, and an overhaul of the underwater fittings and inspection of the outer layer. In the course of the inspections the underwater paint will also be redone. In order to maintain the Stubnitz as an event ship and maritime monument, your support is needed See Stubnitz Website:-

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