Great Wreck N Roll Cirkus

The Great Wreck ‘n’ Roll Cirkus 1999 Ferocious hard core thrash punk metal dangerous antics with travelling squatting musicians, performers and artists from Wales, UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, US and all over our smashed globe.Born out of the bones of a traveller circus the first Great Wreck ‘n’ Roll Cirkus took place at the Millenium Drome, under London Bridge train station, on December 3rd 1999. 220 performers included 20 bands, 40 DJs and 6 stages. It attracted a lot of publicity and 2, 500 sub-cultural punters but lost loads of money. Full report here. The second Cirkus happened again at the Millenium Drome in March 2000 from a starting point of one lone fellah with 60 quid. 10 bands, 2 stages and 10 DJs attracted a good crowd. It went well but lost loads of money (again). Time Out Report here

The third Wreckin' Rollin' Cirkus we celebrated a wedding in a circus tent outside Brighton in August 2000. The ingredients included an exhibition of sculpture. A few thousand perps lasted for a whole weekend but still lost the organisers a big bunch of cash (as usual).

The fourth Cirkus was held at Tyson’s Studios in Hackney. 4 stages, 15 bands and 10 DJs provided another all-nighter which went down well on the front line with over one thousand punters attending for their cultural kicks.

The 5th+6th Great Wreck ‘n’ Roll Cirkus 2OO2 This awesome travelling Cirkus resurrected itself (with its now expected mix of sounds, visuals and performance theatre) in Brighton (Read a report) on Jan 24th 2002 with a sister show in Bristol (Read a report) organised by Paul DiSease, the younger DS brother, in April of the same year. Blistering ferocity came in the form of H/C acts Disorder, Flatpig and a reformed 2OOODS; old-skool punx Brian James and the Lords of the New Church showed their sonic calibre whilst cyberpunx Criminals of Evolution show the fogies how to do it with 21st Century style.

The last Wreck N Roll Cirkus in London was  at Ice Father Nation on Commercial Road, Whitechapel London 2011. wreckandroll These events brought together artists, DJ.'s circus performers, punk bands, reggae rave outfits and more in days and nights of mayhem. Those performing involved ( in no particular order) included 2000DS, No Fit State Circus, Yogo Crowshow,Crowzone, Headjam, Fun Loving Criminals, Citizen Fish, Headjam, Dead Silence Syndicate, Lords Of The New Church,The Duel, Disorder, Here & Now Band, Inner Terrestrials, Spiral Tribe, Eat Static, Skip McDonald, Tribazik, Ed Cox, DS Diezel,  Desert Storm, The Restarts, The Autonomads, Flowers of Flesh & Blood, Inner City Unit, Moral Dilemna, Megabitch, Rach Speakeasy, Crystal Distortion, Los Albertos, Girls On Top, Duel, Manic Cough,  Desert Storm. Full list somewhere elsewhere on site.:)

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