Scrap Records and associated releases. There will be some new and re-releases sometime soon including Headjam's classic album  Jah Nosferatu - watch this space. Album Releases minik137lp 2OOO DS K-137 Live Musik 12" Vinyl LP ( US Import -sold out  ) minsquat Squat the Lot CD LP £7 (sold out) Harder Than Core 2OOO DS Harder than Core CD LP 2OOO DS Harder than Core CD LP £7 (sold out) 200DS - Crowzone CD Cover  2OOO DS Crow Zone CD LP £7 ( still available!) 2000DS - DS Dub CD Cover  2OOO DS DS Dub CD LP £7 (sorry all gone ) Crowzone BC Album Cover Crowzone -CrowZone B.C. CD  £7 Scrap Punk Compilation CD Cover Scrap Punk Compilation CD LP £7 featuring Far Out Fishing, Inner  Terrestrials, Broken, Headjam, 2000DS, Criminals Of Evolution, Flanal (sold out) SchNusic Schnews Benefit CD Cover SchNusic Compilation CD LP (Sold Out! )and more Broken - Homeland Insecurity CD Cover Broken - Homeland Insecurity CD LP BROKEN Homeland Insecurity CD LP £7 (Sold out?) Headjam - Wizontic (CD Cover)Headjam  - Wizontic - CD LP £7 sold out

8 thoughts on “Releases

  1. Hi, really interested in the 2000 DS Dub CD LP, where could i find it ??
    thanks, this is really important music for me.

    1. Hi

      I am going to have to ask around – I have run out of CDs of this too. I only have the 200ds-Crowzone cd and the Crowzone – Crowzone BC CDs currently in stock. Hopefully this will change over the next year



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