Hello Crow world!

Hi I am constantly adding videos and pictures to the site and tidying it up. Will finish the History of 200DS  pages and Wreck N Roll pages very soon as well updating Gary pages. Any article  contributions from Crows very welcome:) Am considering putting a forum  on. Also if anybody has Scrap related events e.g bands and people we have worked with or of interest please let us know and we will put them up, likewise old gig photos,  Gary and Kat photos. email us. We will be putting on a few not for profit gigs that we know Gary would approve of, and maybe some releases/re-releases for good causes. We have some Crowzone BC CDs in stock and 2000DS Crowzone. Anyone up for getting involved in a 2016 memorial gig please contact us. mark @ scraprecords.com DSG cheers Mark

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    1. I will be sticking the shop back up very soon. Apologies. There’s only 2 cd items available in stock at the moment – 2000ds Crowzone CD and Corowzone BC

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