Surplus Festival 2016

Friday 1st toSunday 3rd July 2016 Oaklands Organic Farm, Bonvilston, Vale of Glamorgan, CF5 6TQ, Wales MAP £55 for the weekend


Back To The Planet, The Sporadics, China Shop Bull, The Majestic, Grand Collapse, The Bus Station Loonies, Headgames, Autonomads, The Oppressed, Dogshite, The Rockin' Sinners, Mad Dog Collective, Atterkop, Poetic Justice, Jugganote, Public Order Act, Black Max And The Pirates, Nik Turner's New Space Ritual, Here & Now, AOS3, One Eyed God, Poisoned Electrick Head, Lacertilia, Sendelica, The Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, The Death Of Money, Akb'al, Black Light Secret, Heil Zilla, Radioactive Bones, Deviant Amps, M I L K, Desalvo, Monsterometer, The Anxious - Mark Eg & Chrissi, Dare & Haste, Gizelle Rebel Yelle, Owen Acid, Ob1, DJ Redmond, 4G, Twospeed, Alan Badger, Iolo, Angel Actual, Robi Suss, Ceri Suss, Winds, Zebadee, Carl Toothdust, Dj Biri Night, 3phaze Generator, Blap, Mazar, K.T.C, Pizzatramp, Gung Ho, Ratbag, Buff, Doozer Mcdooze, Reality Attack, Pokemon Liberation Army, Travchav, Ini Jungle, Viva Zapata, Doghouse, Chuck Sj Hay, Their Own Masters, Bungle Cult, 12 Bore, Digital Skunk, Pickle, Trans Irie Nation, Mosienko Project, Mr Chuffed, Rev Dread, Warren Roots, Dizzy, Slamfish, Thoby, and a few more. Adult Weekend (18+) inc camping Tier 2 £55 Teen Weekend (13 - 17) inc camping £30 Child Weekend (0 - 12) inc camping £0 Live-in Vehicle pass £15 Dog Pass £5 (all proceeds to go to local charity).