Reportage From An Iron Age

All protests need a soundtrack and deep in the bowels of the Earth, beneath London Bridge station, Gary Disease is seeking to give the nation and the world what it needs. He has set up an Earth shaking event with £600 and onTuesday he is going to be evicted from his squat. He is not then a global capitalist. His 11 hour happening (whichis all being pulled together at the eleventh hour-natch) was being set up for a world that has remembered how to protest. 1st Wreck N Roll Cirkus Flyer
It is for those who haven't Sold Out. It is a gathering of the clans, an orgy of serious heaviness, lights, projectionists,noise and a trapeze artist with the face of a Renaissance madonna and a good deal of green hair.

"This is for everyone." - Nyx, one of Disease's co-workers, said, "Travellers, punks, rockers, hippies,straights. Glastonbury under the arches." The trapeze artist was thoughtfully turning slow motion handsprings. She is from Berlin and is called Yogo. The projectionist spoke of his task of throwing images at a 15ft video screen, improvising appropriate pictures to go with the music. He is AndrewG-Pilot. Disease has assembled a cast of 20 bands and 40 DJs,there are punk stilt walkers and a pantomime cow selling White Russian cocktails. "It's mainly people who kept their heads on the level." Disease said, and we all know how hard that is.

Wreck N Roll Collage

The Cirkus is a star free zone, no headliners, nobody who has taken the big-company shilling. No individual star can be perceived, only a seamless galaxy of performers who know what it is like to play to a field of travellers on a wet Wiltshire afternoon.

A report on the first Great Wreck n Roll Cirkus Writer || Simon Barnes in The Times Newspaper The flyer used for the first Great Wreck n Roll Circus was by Pete & Penny Metal.

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