Great Wreck N Roll Cirkus 2

The Cirkus Comes to Town Two main stages (the Car Crash and the Crowbar) will host an alternating line up of bands and DJs with sounds ranging from drum'n'bass and techno to punk, thrash and metal. "The bands and the DJs are all very similar people." says organiser and 2OOODS frontman Gary Disease, "All the original DJs were into punk years ago and everyone's going to be bumping into people they knew from back then." The venue, the Millenium Drome, is proving to be reassuringly open minded "They're not saying no to things, put it that way," says Gary, "Like when we sau we want to build one of the stages out of crashed cars, that sort of thing." As well as a huge list of bands and Djs-including Spiral Tribe, Liberator, Mutoid Waste Company, Cirkus Irritant and Paka there will be projections by Pink Peckham Poodle Pussy Posse and the infamous crew of pirate ship MS Stubnitz, plus sideshows, stalls and all manner of unscheduled things. At a time when the old traveller spirit is being diluted by the closed mindedness of the ketamine obsessed squat party scene-and on the other side the rush for cash that followed in the wake of the Levellers' success-Gary sees this as a chance for those who have kept to the original priorities of the subculture to reassert themselves. "The main things is, this is a gathering of traveller types, artists and musicians who will be able to see each other again this side of the new millenium." Gary says, "Our feel and our following is from an outlaw style." The unadventurous need not apply. Wreck 'n' Roll Cirkus A report on the early Great Wreck n Roll Cirkus Writer || Lisa Mullen in Time Out Magazine

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