Got the Needle Stuck in a Groove

Got the Needle Stuck in a Groove In January 2002 the appeared at the 5th Awesome Wreck'n'Roll Cirkus at Brighton's Concorde 2. Organised by SCRAP Records, it was a fantastic night with some amazing goups playing :the megagrooving DSG (who use a visual digi-optic to show road movies from old festivals throughout a show of live hip-hop-reggae punk-dub antics), powerpunk rockers FlatPig, Superkings and the crowd-baiting Yogo Crow Show (not to mention Secret Films' underground mobile cinema and some glittering stilt-walkers). Crusty old geezer Judge Trev displayed his ripeness by wearing a ripped up cow-skin jacket that was older than most of the people there. Best moment of the whole evening, though, went to the Lords of the New Church; the dark, gothic punk rock supergroup blasted the cobwebs outta the big, expensive venue with a mesmerising sonic attack.We (the Criminals of Evolution) tried our best to compare with this top-notch performance but we were hampered by a drummer who dropped his slippery sticks and a guitarist who forgot his own songs. As a climax we blew up the amps with our swooping, scraping swansong Earache. Beebop-Criims-Live-Concorde-2-1 Still, I think we made an impression and with five tunes in fourteen minutes we sure don't hang around. An Account of the Great Wreck n Roll Cirkus No.5 Writer || Bee Bop - Portslade January 2OO2 The flyer used for the 5th WnR Circus was a mixture of a Bee Bop cartoon and organic-mechanix digi

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