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So Unification day came “Oct 3rd” we were playing out doors in a park, we set off with the truck and 2 buses, the city wa sgoing crazy. There was a big of a battle going on in Oranien Strasse, luckily the demonstrators stopped throwing rockswhen we passed through. We headed through Checkpoint Charlie, which wasn’t manned as from that day. What a crazy atmosphere, the East Germans were going crazy, cars and people everywhere, total chaos,some people were for reunification and some against it. We reached the park and the atmosphere was tense, the organiser told us that they were not celebrating and we could only play for 10 minutes this was a sad day for them end we would never be able to understand why. She said they had not tried to bring the downfall of the East German government only to be sold out to West German capitalists, and the struggle would only carry on as the west would look down~ on the former D.D.R. as the poor but usable relation. By now the west police were everywhere. The gig started in front of a few thousand people, most of them stood in disbelief and tried to dance, for most of them it was the first time they had seen a hardcore bend from the west but they applauded us and probably thought we were some mega west pop band, we did our set and left to let them get on with what ever it was that they wanted to do. We went to a few squats in the East and then beck to Kreutzberg, got pissed and fell over somewhere but none of us will forget the atmosphere that night and who knows what the reunification of Germany is going to lead to. We were now living in our vehicles in Kreuzberg on a patch of land that once stood between the walls, known as no-mans land which was now squatted by punks and people living in trucks and workmans trailers they were similar to a lot of travellers that we had hung around with in Britain. Generally known as crusty squatters the people were good to us and took an instant like to our music and came to all our gigs blowing fire and getting pissed. It was easy to see why we were referred to as the Dirty Squatters by everyone cos between the travellers in England and the travellers in Berlin we probably had the dirtiest squatting punks coming to our gigs. We played another 6 or 7 gigs in Berlin East and West and the high light was the gig in SO. 36 which was like the community centre of Kreuzburg and the police had shut it down in the past, but the people had partitioned, demonstrated and even rioted to keep it open so the place was a real hardcore venue. We were doing the gig in Berlin with a friend who’s show was PRIMITIVE ACTION and between them and us we had a wild unrehearsed show. The concert was a great success with about 600 at the gig. To finish the show we had the Mad Cow in the venue but the starter button had seized so it had to be pushed to start and it didn’t start until it was in the beck corridor. The bike was so loud that the police came thinking a machine gun had gone off inside —a perfect end to a crazy gig and a crazy Berlin tour.

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  1. i lived in bovay st when you guys were there. im not ben death obvs but he is the one i remember best. he was the first person i ever met on e. i helped u guys rip out the radiators and the parque flooring. not sure if that was sold or just burnt. there was a remnant of the somerset stonhenge traveller family who had been brutalised by the gloucestershire police. this must have been around 87. met ben in 88 in the central cafe amsterdam, still in his top hat. i have to say most of the people at bovay street were selfish up themselfs arsholes. ben on the other hand was a sweet guy. btw if you want pix see if the daily mirror achcives have any. i let them in wghen i was on the door one night for £20 each :d peace and love and all that xx

    1. Nice on Ben

      I am going to put up a message board /forum so that folks can share their memories of Gary DS and the Wreck N Roll Cirkus. Hopefully we will have some re-releases coming out in the very bear future.

  2. Just found out about the death of Gary and friend? and members of his family. after checking out 2000ds stuff on utube. tragic and shocking, and upsetting, condolences to family an all those close.
    Kev-sax player from Phoneys

  3. My 2000DS story-
    It was 1991/92/93? I had just seen them at my house at C-Squat in NYC, & I had made my way to SAN Francisco. I got to see 2000DS play again at the Epicenter in The Mission. I was a dirty fucker back then, & was outside the venue smoking a joint w/ a good friend & a stranger. The cops stopped us & actually arrested us!! In SF!! We were taken to a substation. Handcuffed to the booking bench, they asked us if we had any drugs, needles or weapons. We all said no (my friend ate a sheet (100 hits) of LSD he had in his wallet (for sale) in the cop car en route as not to get busted with it). I thought about their question for a sec. Then I chimed in ” but we have lice and scabies”. The booking cop looked at me in awe. He left & went into the booking office. He came out a minute later wearing gloves. He grabbed our backpacks & threw em out the door. Unhandcuffed us & told us to get the fuck out & kicked me hard in the ass as I walked out the door. I got KICKED out of jail for being a dirty squatter. I was back at the venue just as 2000 DS started to play.
    Post script- My pal who ate all the LSD called me a week later in Alabama. He knew no one there. He somehow ended up there after a very long 100 hit trip.
    2000 DS Forever!!

  4. We used to go to the Fire Station squat parties I really enjoyed them
    I kept loads of flyers from the different venues around London
    I still have them after all these years in a box

  5. True that I didn’t play the main stage at Treworgey. I didn’t leave as such I was hiding in my tent tripping mi nuts off…
    I played with DS many times after that on and off including the WNC mentioned and played the love parade Berlin and several gigs in Belgium and Holland…
    I also toured Ireland with the band and was set to play the “Millennium Drone” in 1999 but sadly it fell through….

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