History of 2000 DS

The festival organizers had said we weren’t going to get any money but we would get food and drink, which was o.k. With 20 people working with us, it would have been nice to have been able to give them and ourselves a little cash for all our efforts. Anyway, Friday came and a lot of people started arriving and we were ready for anything.We were running a bar to try and make some cash, but with 20 people with us we end up drinking all the profit as usual. Friday night was a total disaster with most of us drunk and the guitarist and drummer fighting just as the set was about to begin. Saturday and everyone back on speaking terms and ready to blast. rechem2000DS+lp The show began with the Mad Cow (1500cc mutated motorbike) rode right around the site with Nigel on the back swinging fire when he got to the stage all the other fire jugglers and the band got going.It was a great show with 2-3000 people that were totally shocked. Sundays show was different, but it went down well. So after the festy we left for Bremen totally skint to do a gig in the Schlactoff (slaughter house).  We had already quite a following in Breman so we knew it would be a good gig, and it was. After the gig they asked us if we could play a gig in the local squat This was also a good gig but after the show we found a note in the dressing room from the bass player (Bastard) saying he couldn’t keep on with no money and no future (his girlfriend was also giving him grief). So no bass player again. After hearing the news the guitarist Alex also decided to go back to Italy, so the band fell apart again. With only G & P Disease & Osso left we decided it would be better if Osso went back to Italy to look for another bass player, before he left we did 2 gigs in Holland with the original bass player (Jones). The rest of the band & show went to Amsterdam to try and make some money. It was now September and we had some gigs organized in Denmark. We had contacted Osso in Italy and he had a bass player who was from the Basque country; they were to meet us in Copenhagen. We arrived 1/2 hours before Osso and Eugenio (the new bass player), so we picked them up and headed for Ungdom Huset. a semi squatted building used for concerts and cinema etc. We stayed and practiced for 3 weeks and found out that the tour had fallen through due to the tour organizer always on the bottle, but we managed to do a gig in Albourg where we had a huge fight with a gang of disco boys who were causing trouble smashing things up.

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  1. i lived in bovay st when you guys were there. im not ben death obvs but he is the one i remember best. he was the first person i ever met on e. i helped u guys rip out the radiators and the parque flooring. not sure if that was sold or just burnt. there was a remnant of the somerset stonhenge traveller family who had been brutalised by the gloucestershire police. this must have been around 87. met ben in 88 in the central cafe amsterdam, still in his top hat. i have to say most of the people at bovay street were selfish up themselfs arsholes. ben on the other hand was a sweet guy. btw if you want pix see if the daily mirror achcives have any. i let them in wghen i was on the door one night for £20 each :d peace and love and all that xx

    1. Nice on Ben

      I am going to put up a message board /forum so that folks can share their memories of Gary DS and the Wreck N Roll Cirkus. Hopefully we will have some re-releases coming out in the very bear future.

  2. Just found out about the death of Gary and friend? and members of his family. after checking out 2000ds stuff on utube. tragic and shocking, and upsetting, condolences to family an all those close.
    Kev-sax player from Phoneys

  3. We used to go to the Fire Station squat parties I really enjoyed them
    I kept loads of flyers from the different venues around London
    I still have them after all these years in a box

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