History of 2000 DS

On the first day of the festival they ran into Ron Bastard who was a bass player for a band called Bastard, who said he would learn the songs immediately and hopefully play all the gigs at the festival. After the first gig we all agreed he was the man for the job. He really lived up to his name. The band played 5 or 6 gigs at the festival and then left with a few other vehicles to squat some land on route to London and to repair the bus which had some engine problems. After a few days the army came and evicted them so they set off for some land south of London. On the way the front tire of the bus blew out, the bus went across 2 lanes of traffic but luckily no one got hurt. After a couple of hours work we got going again and met up with the others, who had decided to park on a picnic area for the night As we had a gig that night in a squatted social security office we left all the big vehicles in the park up and managed to play the gig. death_disco In the morning we were woken up by the police who said we had to move on, we were in one of the richest counties in England. Our reply to being moved was to put our 10 meter flat bed truck across the entrance to the picnic area, and told the police were pissed off with being evicted every few hours. After a lot of arguing the pigs said they knew a place we could park up for a few weeks without hassle, so knowing how dodgy the pigs are one of us went with an officer to look at the site (parkup)  Gobby returned saying true enough it was a good site. So we said 0k, lets go and left for the new site with a police escort. Then we arrived and realized the town was called CrowBorough, which made us laugh because our posse  was the Crowposse. (this name CrowBorough was later to become the title of an EP) The site at Crowborough seemed well enough together with about 15 people already living there. They were a bit shocked when they saw us lot rolling in through the gate but were alright about it We had been without a decent place to park so this was a good opportunity to get everything in order and ready to go to Europe. After being there for a few days we noticed there was an old abandoned school just through the forest and it looked as if it had been used for some sort of occult rituals which gave the place an eerie feel to it, so none of us could handle being there alone.

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  1. i lived in bovay st when you guys were there. im not ben death obvs but he is the one i remember best. he was the first person i ever met on e. i helped u guys rip out the radiators and the parque flooring. not sure if that was sold or just burnt. there was a remnant of the somerset stonhenge traveller family who had been brutalised by the gloucestershire police. this must have been around 87. met ben in 88 in the central cafe amsterdam, still in his top hat. i have to say most of the people at bovay street were selfish up themselfs arsholes. ben on the other hand was a sweet guy. btw if you want pix see if the daily mirror achcives have any. i let them in wghen i was on the door one night for £20 each :d peace and love and all that xx

    1. Nice on Ben

      I am going to put up a message board /forum so that folks can share their memories of Gary DS and the Wreck N Roll Cirkus. Hopefully we will have some re-releases coming out in the very bear future.

  2. Just found out about the death of Gary and friend? and members of his family. after checking out 2000ds stuff on utube. tragic and shocking, and upsetting, condolences to family an all those close.
    Kev-sax player from Phoneys

  3. We used to go to the Fire Station squat parties I really enjoyed them
    I kept loads of flyers from the different venues around London
    I still have them after all these years in a box

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